sundown festival • norwich • 3–5 september 2021

The camping area is easily accessible upon arrival and will be clearly signposted from the entrance to the festival site.


The car park is located a 5-10 minute walk from the campsite so please bear this in mind when packing for the weekend.

Please note, campervans, motorhomes and caravans are not permitted anywhere at the festival. You cannot park by your tent and you cannot stay in a vehicle in the car park overnight.

Re-Entry Camping

Camping ticket holders will be allowed to re-enter the campsite at any time by showing their wristband. Please note, you can only bring alcohol and food into the campsite on your initial entry.

If you lose your wristband you will not be able to re-enter the venue unless you pay full price again. If you need a replacement wristband, you will need to go to the box office with the wristband still fully intact on your wrist and pay a £5 replacement fee.

What You Can & Can’t Bring

Before packing your bags and making your way to the festival, please click here and read about what items you can and can’t bring.

Water Points

Water points are available in all campsites and the arena. We allow up to 1x sealed 750ml bottle of water to be brought into the festival arena and empty unsealed bottles can be brought in to be refilled at the water points.

Tent Size

Campers may only bring tents that are one berth bigger than the number of occupants. This allows room for the storage of personal items but also ensures the comfort and safety of all other users of the campsite. For example, one person can use a two-berth tent, two people can use in a three to four-berth tent and three people can use a four-berth tent.

Camping For One Night

You can camp for one night but you will still need to pay the full Weekend Camping ticket price regardless of how many nights you stay. No discounts are given for reduced stays.

Quiet Camping

We offer a quiet camping area within the General Campsite that is available on a first come first serve basis. Please ask a steward when you arrive for directions.