Welfare at Sundown

Whether you’re a festival veteran or it’s your first time, we want you to have the best weekend ever, and stay safe. Everyone’s welfare and safety is our primary concern, and we want all festival goers to enjoy Sundown Festival and stay safe.

Check out the Sundown site map so that you can find TTK Welfare and the festival medical tent, in case you or any one of your crew needs to find them over the weekend. 

Festival Safe & TTK Welfare

We continually review all of our policies, and this year we are proud to have partnered with Festival Safe. We also welcome experienced, independent festival welfare provider, TTK Welfare, who will be on site across the weekend and on hand to provide support to attendees who find themselves in need of a safe and secure place to go to for help.

We have a 24 hour Medical Tent and a 24 hour Welfare Point. Our Welfare point is there to help you so please use them if you or any of your crew are worried about anything or just need a bit of love. The Welfare Point is also where you can find Lost Property.

Check out the Festival Safe website which is full of information for all festival goers such as what to bring, what not to bring and what to do if you or any of your friends run into any issues at the event. There’s a lot to remember, but we think the below are the key, important nuggets of information:

– Look after yourself and others. If you see anything or anyone that doesn’t look right or you need help or information, speak to a steward or head to the Welfare Point.

– Don’t bring unnecessary valuables and if you bring valuables, don’t leave them unattended or sleep with them at the door of your tent. Unfortunately, opportunist thieves do operate at festivals.

– ATMs will be available on site so don’t brings loads of cash.

– Disposable BBQs and small cooking stoves (up to 5kg of gas) must only be used in the designated Cooking Area.

– Please be aware that prolonged exposure to loud music can cause hearing damage. Consider wearing ear protection and moving around to give your ears a rest.

First Timer Festival Goers

Whether you’re a festival veteran or it’s your first time, we want you to have the best weekend ever, and stay safe. We’ve partnered with Festival Safe who have a wealth of advice to all festival goers. If it’s your first time at a festival, get yourself in the know HERE.


Don’t be ‘that guy’ at the festival. Just two mins of reading will make sure your weekend is EPIC, and you’re the camping pro that everyone wants to lead their tribe! For those of you who do want a quieter camping experience, be sure to check out this option when you arrive on site. Read more HERE.

Be Prepared

Part of the fun of a festival is the unexpected, but a little bit of planning will help you avoid a #FestivalFail of weekend-ruining proportions. Check out some top tips HERE

Make sure you know what you can and can’t bring before you set off. Check out the full list HERE.

Pick Up and Drop Off 

We have designated Drop Off and Pick Up points so you can arrange a safe ride home and stay safe getting to and from the festival site. They’re just off the road and easy to find – check out our site map and road signs, plus they’re stewarded so you can always ask a Sundown Steward to help. You can read more HERE.

Please don’t arrange to be dropped off or picked up elsewhere, and especially don’t use Longwater Retail Park (Sainsbury’s), the walk along the road and over the roundabout is not safe. Our facility is quick and easy to use, we care about your safety.

Wellbeing: Look after yourselves and each other

Whether it’s chucking it down or blazing sunshine, being outside, walking miles, camping and dancing will test anyone’s endurance skills.  Make sure you look after your physical and mental health to stay on top form.

From staying hydrated to staying safe, this Festival Safe page gives some top tips


We want everyone to let their hair down and enjoy Sundown, but let’s make sure it stays a good time and is enjoyed legally – breaking the law can have far-reaching consequences and we care about you and your future.  Stay safe and look after each other. If you see anyone who looks vulnerable, please let one of our Security Team or Welfare Officers know so we can help. 

Read more HERE.