sundown festival • norwich • 2–4 september 2022


Everyone’s welfare and safety is our primary concern. Please take the time to read the below information as we want all festival goers to enjoy Sundown Festival and stay safe.

Here’s 5 points not to miss!

1. Be prepared – Plan a kit list to bring with you (sun cream & a jumper are a must as September can be chilly, especially at night!)


2. Stay hydrated – There are lots of water points throughout the festival site


3. Beware the bass bin – Festivals can be loud so look after your ears. If you like to be down the front and in the action, wear hearing protection


4. Leave the Rolex at home – Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves do operate at festivals so we advise you don’t bring valuables. We have cash points on site too so don’t worry about bringing lots beforehand.


5. If in doubt, ask for help – Our stewards are there help you. If at any time you, your friends or maybe another festival goer are unwell or in trouble be sure to alert one immediately. You’ll find them dotted across both the arena and the campsites, keep an eye out for their fluro jackets!


Check out more hints and tips HERE.

Festival Safety & Welfare

We have 24 hour medical & welfare points available throughout the festival. They are there to help you so don’t be afraid to speak with them no matter how big or small your need might be. Our welfare team also run a lost property point, so if you’ve lost or found anything we advise you go and check in with them.

Welfare Concertina

Pick Up and Drop Off

We have designated Drop Off and Pick Up points so you can arrange a safe ride home and stay safe getting to and from the festival site. They’re just off the road and easy to find by following our festival signage or ask a steward and they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Please DO NOT arrange to be dropped off or picked up elsewhere, and we especially ask that you DO NOT use Longwater Retail Park (including Sainsbury’s) as the walk along the road and over the roundabout is not safe.

Our Drop Off and Pick Up facility is quick and easy to use and we care about your safety. Be sure to keep your eye out for our festival map, released online ahead of the event for more detail on these suitable locations.


We want everyone to let their hair down and enjoy Sundown, but let’s make sure it stays a good time and is enjoyed legally – breaking the law can have far-reaching consequences and we care about you and your future.

Stay safe and look after each other. If you see anyone who looks vulnerable, please let one of our Security Team or Welfare Officers know so we can help. Read more here.

Light and Sound Warnings

Exposure to loud music can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Please visit this site for information on how to protect your hearing at Sundown. Please note that strobe lights and smoke machines may be in use within event site.