Planet Sundown

Sundown crew, the planet needs you! Here is just a snippet of how the Sundown team will be working hard to reduce the impact our mega-party has on the environment, but to truly make it a success we need you and your mates to all pitch in! 

Have the best camp – Its going to be your home for the weekend so make it the best it can be and look after it!

Wear more (eco) glitter – Who doesn’t love glitter, but make sure its biodegradable glitter… yep, its totally a thing!

Take your tent home – Lets aim to leave your camp as you found it, don’t bring anything you can’t take home.

Check out some tips and tricks we’ve pulled together to help you go green at Sundown.

Have the best camp

You’ve pitched your tents, set yourself up a little hangout in its center and maybe even brought matching monogrammed camping chairs for that super lux social space…. Now let’s keep it lux!

Step 1. Grab some of our FREE rubbish bags.

You can pick these up at the campsite entrance, campsite refuse points, arena info point or from one of our friendly litter picking team

Make sure your grab a black one and a green one!

Step 2. Fill them up!

Much like at home we need certain things, in certain bags, here’s the run down!

Green Bag – Dry Mixed Recyling

  • Cans & Tins
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Mixed Glass
  • Newspaper & Leaflets
  • Cartons & Cardboard

Black Bin Bag – Everything Else

  • Non recyclables
  • Food Waste
  • Anything not listed for your green bag!

Step 3. Drop It off

You’ll find a number of drop points throughout the campsites

There’ll be pens throughout the campsite for you to drop your rubbish bags off – make sure you fill them right up!

Step 4. Feel Green!

You’ve done your bit! Big ups to you!

Biodegradable Glitter

You love dressing up, we love you dressing up, but little do many know that its causing major issues for our oceans!

Glitter is essentially just teeny, tiny bits of coloured plastic which never breaks down and like most other types of plastic, glitter can’t be recycled.

Please Don’t Bring It!

  • We ask that you only bring biodegradable glitter with you.
  • There are now lots of retailers online that supply this eco-friendly stuff!

Save the postage, pick it up onsite!

  • Cant find it online, fear not shimmer crew!
  • We’re working with our onsite shops to get the eco-friendly stuff in stock.
  • Check out the stores in the campsite and arena for your daily fix of sparkle.

Take your tents home

Last year our campsite community was bigger than ever but this meant that 47 tonnes of waste (including tents!) were left behind when you headed home. That’s equivalent to 12 African elephants/ 10,500 pink flamingos / 6,721,000 ‘regular sized’ marsh mellows – you catch our drift? And all this has to be removed from the site. Anything we can’t recycle that’s left behind has to go to landfill 😭.

We must work together to reduce this. 

Reuse the Party Palace

  • Try not to buy cheap throw away tents
  • For a little extra you can buy a longer term festival home
  • Tag team the break down to speed up the process
  • Ensure you have enough phone battery left to watch YouTube tutorials to collapse those pesky pop-up tents!

Live your best life

  • Want to to be green in a totes VIP way?
  • Book one of our pre-pitched tents from as little as £35pp
  • You can even bolt on sleeping bags to lighten your packing even further!

Other Top Tips!

  • Bring a re-usable bottle – Stay hydrated, stay green and save money!
  • Road Trip It! Organise a road-trip and share a car with your mates.
  • No single use plastic! Leave your single use plastics at home or better yet – in the shop all together. Flimsy carrier bags, excessive plastic wrapping plastic – BLERGH we hate them. We actively encourage you to bring a bag you already own to Sundown. Up-cycling is in folks!